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combining excellent taste with tangible benefits

Every Alpine Bliss drink is formulated with a blend of high-purity natural ingredients which have all been meticulously selected for their positive impact on your health. Our drinks are also infused with finely carbonated, ultra-pure water from the European Alps for the ultimate thirst-quenching experience.

Man and woman with cans of Alpine Bliss Natural Energy Drinks. Carbonated drinks with no artificial flavors and low sugar.


Each key ingredient we use in our products has been carefully selected for its unique benefits and uses a high dose of its active compound.

But no one wants to drink a beverage that tastes bad, no matter how healthy it is! At Alpine Bliss, we believe that taste is king. Every sip of Alpine Bliss feels like a fresh punch of delicious fruits blended with glacier water from the Alps

Two women holding Alpine Bliss flavored vitamin drinks in the mountains. Low calorie and high quality energy drinks for workouts.

world's best ingredients to ensure the finest quality

For every can of Alpine Bliss, we source the world's best ingredients to ensure the finest quality. Each ingredient has been rigorously screened against thousands of others, and dosed in the optimal quantity to boost your health


High active ingredients dose

We only use active ingredients at a high, concentrated dose

Zero aspartame or acesulfame-K

We don’t use any aspartame, acesulfame-K, or xylitol

With real European Alpine water

Made with ultra-pure, pristine moutain water from the European Alps.

With real fruits

We only use fruits of the finest quality to ensure that every sip you take is a refreshing bliss to your palate.

Formulated in Switzerland

Meticulously formulated in Switzerland, under strict quality standards.

Feel the boost without the crash

Get a sustained, clean boost of energy throughout the day, with no jitters or energy crashes

How Alpine Bliss™ Compares

Regular energy & vitamin drinks
Sugar-Free Energy & vitamin Drinks
Sugar Up to 5g per can
Sugar Up to 45g per can
Sugar 0g with Aspartame and/or Acesulfame K
High active ingredients dose
High active ingredients dose Yes
High active ingredients dose Minimal dose to cut costs
High active ingredients dose Minimal dose to cut costs
Mood support ingredients
Mood support ingredients Yes with DopaBliss™ blend
Mood support ingredients No
Mood support ingredients No
Water Quality
Water Quality Ultra-pure European Alpine water
Water Quality Regular filtered water
Water Quality Regular filtered water
Calories Up to 25 calories per can
Calories Up to 100 calories per can
Calories Zero calories
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 12μg
Vitamin B12 4.18μg
Vitamin B12 4.18μg
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 5mg
Vitamin B6 2.3mg
Vitamin B6 2.3mg
Folic Acid
Folic Acid Yes - 400mcg
Folic Acid No
Folic Acid No
Taste Naturally sweet
Taste Sweet
Taste Artificial
Aspartame No
Aspartame No
Aspartame Yes
Acesulfame K
Acesulfame K No
Acesulfame K No
Acesulfame K Yes
With real fruits
With real fruits Yes
With real fruits No
With real fruits No
Caffeine 70-100mg per can
Caffeine 80-200mg per can
Caffeine 80-200mg per can
Formulation Formulated with precision in Switzerland for accuracy
Formulation Standardized formula to minimize costs
Formulation Standardized formula to minimize costs

Data based on major brands available nationwide in retail outlets.

B12 and B6 content -> average based on a panel of the 5 best-selling energy drinks in the United States in 2023.

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